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The request: Hi sweetie, can you write bts!yandere reaction to their s/o being sick? Thank you! Happy reading! ☾ ☾ ☾ Kim Seokjin: They say that the only people awake at 3 am are in love, lonely or drunk. Sure, but what about people like you, who are hunched over the toilet, puking their guts out.

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bts react to you being needy on your period. jimin: i think he would think it was cute that you were squeezing his hand through the pain of cramps, i think he would be trying hard not to smile as he got up to get you something for the pain and you whined that you needed him to come back and cuddle with you.

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23 hours ago · ATEEZ reaction to catching you dancing to one of their songs ATEEZ reaction to you deep throating them (M) ATEEZ reaction to you have no experience sexually ATEEZ reaction to you being insecure with your body ATEEZ reaction to feeling your bare chest while cuddling for the first time ATEEZ reaction to having a secret crush on you ATEEZ reaction ...

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Aug 06, 2019 · ATEEZ is a 8 member guy group under KQ Entertainment. They debuted on October 24th, 2018. Currently as of this post they have two wins with their title track "Wave", have already had an International tour which was sold out, and already have three albums with six title tracks! They are a monster rookie group who has everything you would need ...

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ATEEZ reaction to having a new manager that is around their age. Hongjoong . He would be a little shy at first, but when she first come in, he would introduce the group in a formal way like he always do as a leader when he meet a new staff member.

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↳ yunho from ateez, or changbin from stray kids. 6. do you like making your own characters, or do you usually write about real people? ↳ i prefer writing fanfics T-T. 7. have you ever written a book, or a story with more than 15 chapters (or 100k words)? ↳ i’ve started them, but i’ve never gotten to 15 chapters. 8. how often do you ...

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maybe he’s been missing you more than he’d like to admit and he gets so needy thinking of your touch. even though you’re coming over he can’t bear the wait and so he takes matters into his own hands. with his eyes closed, all he sees is a lewd image of you jerking him off while staring at him with darkened eyes. before he’s about to ...

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´♡ ︴↳ (melssie) – 762 followers, 1 following, 4997 Pins | You and I... I promise.

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Groups: seventeen, ateez, nct (all units), VAV, bts, exo, and got7 . I also do Itzy, BlackPink, and f(x). I do mostly imagines and ships, and a few reactions.

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ATEEZ reaction to having a new manager that is around their age. Hongjoong . He would be a little shy at first, but when she first come in, he would introduce the group in a formal way like he always do as a leader when he meet a new staff member.
ateez reaction — having a supermodel girlfriend . Being a supermodel had its benefits but also its drawbacks, as did your boyfriend's idol career. For the most part, you being a supermodel didn't affect him at all really. Secretly, or not so secretly sometimes, he was definitely in awe of you and your shoots and such.
ATEEZ reaction to having a new manager that is around their age. Hongjoong . He would be a little shy at first, but when she first come in, he would introduce the group in a formal way like he always do as a leader when he meet a new staff member.
“I will give you what you want babyboy but you can’t touch me”you said with a smirk,”if you touch me I won’t let you cum” He nodded at you,you knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep his hands off you. You pushed him up against the wall lightly,not wanting to get caught.Seeing you like this turned Minho on even more than he ...
woojin. hyunjin. changbin. minho. seungmin. jisung. felix. sub. chan and woojin are the doms of the group, but both of them have softer sides which may lead you to believe that they’re not actually doms, but they are. they’re just caring doms who wanna make sure you’re okay and love you a lot. especially chan, ie he would stroke your hair whilst you suck him off

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You couldn’t believe how much of a dick he was being like all you are doing is being concerned about his health and he treated you like an idiot. “I was just concerned about you mark no need to be a dick about it.” You said clearly annoyed. “Stop being so needy and find someone else to bother because I’m getting sick a tired of it.”
anon request: If possible, can you do itzy reacting to being on idol room w/ idol reader crush? Have a good day/night. hope you like it! lowkey have never seen a full episode of idol room bc i highkey hate the hosts but here you go baby xx. Yeji. She didn’t think she would feel this nervous - she’s seen you before at award shows and other ...